unfinished art

sequt.net (/sɛkt dot net/) is a site that will have various pieces of, often unfinished, writing. These will be short snippits, longer unfinished pieces, descriptions of people and places, and whatever else I put up. Various pieces of writing, short snippits, dreams, random thoughts, and other such stuff. Will include journal type pieces, notes on cooking etc.

the flower

a yellow daffodil

The flower is a yellow daffodil. The picture is cropped from a photo taken a number of years ago.

Daffodils grow from a bulb, and are part of the genus Narcissus. The bulbs are poisonous and should not be eaten.

While it is obvious that the main part of the picture is dedicated to the single flower that takes up most of the image, there are a number of other features. The two smaller flowers in the background to the top-right must not be overlooked. If you look closely, you can also see there is another flower to the left of the image. The white you can see in the bottom right is another kind of flower again. Most of the image that is not taken up by the main flower has a number of daffodil stems, except the top left, which has some foliage further away in the distance.


The author of the above photo, as well as the pieces of writing that will be placed on this site is Michael Harris, who currently has another website at http://next-nexus.info, where various finished writing, more photos and PHP programs are located.